Tiny Tots Plus Class for 4's

This class is in addition to the 3 day per week class for 4's. It is not a stand alone class.  Concepts and experiences taught in the 3 day program are expanded upon and enriched.  With a ratio of 1 - 5 the teachers are able to work with smaller groups ans individualize as well.

What are the additional activities?

Cooking experiences - The children prepare the snack they will eat that day at least once per week.  we encourage trying new tastes and being open to new things.  With a combination of hands on and demonstration the children learn about measurement, basic cooking skills and vocabulary.

Science Experiences - Taking nature walks, studying the changes of the seasons, questioning and wondering are part of our science.  Experiments that will add to their vocabulary are presented through out the year.

Literacy experiences - The children have an opportunity to act out stories, re-tell stories and make up their own stories.  Tactile experiences with each letter as it is introduced.  Word building after many letters have been introduced.

Who is this class for?

Parents have enrolled their child in this class for a number of reasons:

  • Concern about readiness for Kindergarten
  • Precocious child that would benefit from the additional intellectual time
  • Kindergarten child will attend next Fall has a full day program
  • Sibling is enrolled in our 3's class. (With 4 yr old in plus class parent has time for...)
What else should I know about the class?
Please come in and we will fill you in on all the details!